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User agreement

User agreement

User agreement enters into force upon registration on the website "Streamedian".

Our order process is conducted by our online reseller is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.

1. The subject of the User agreement.

The website "Streamedian" provides services on terms which are the subject of this User Agreement (UA). This user agreement may be changed at any time and without any special notification. The current version of the UA is obligatory published on the web page's address: Violation of this UA shall entail cancellation of registration.

2. Service description.

The main offers on the web service "Streamedian" include: a video player, a proxy and plugins which are used for integration of the video player and proxy in the most famous web services. Access to the video player, as well as other products and services provided by the website "Streamedian" become available after completing the free registration.

3. Registration, password and security.

Access to the personal account of web service "Streamedian" is provided after the completion of the registration process with a login and password. You are responsible for the security of the login and password you provided and for all actions on the website "Streamedian" that occur using your username and password.

"Streamedian" reserves the right to prohibit the use of certain logins and/or remove them from use. You agree that you undertake to immediately notify "Streamedian" about any case of unauthorized (i.e., not permitted by you) access to the website using your username and password or any other breach of security. You also agree that you will log out from your account by yourself (using button "Exit") at the end of each session of working on "Streamedian". The website is not responsible for any loss or damage of data that may occur as a result of your breach of the provisions of this part of the "UA". The administration of the web site strives to ensure smooth operation, while not responsible for total or partial loss of the data and for the lack of quality or speed of services rendered.

4. The rules of conduct of the registered user.

You understand and accept the fact that all the info, music, sounds, graphics, video, and other materials ("content") available on the web site for General access, are used by the service "Streamedian", and therefore the responsibility lies with the person producing this content. "Streamedian" does not control the content transmitted through the Service and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such content.

5. The use of the "Streamedian" software products.

The user has no right to change the business name of software "Streamedian", as well as to modify and/or delete the designation of the copyright owner’s rights (copyright). Users shall not modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt and perform other actions that can disrupt the system protection of software products against unauthorized use and to provide information on the implementation of used algorithms. The user is not entitled to distribute the licensed software "Streamedian" without the written consent of the possessor of rights.

6. Responsibility to the copyright owners.

"Streamedian" is not engaged in the publication or distribution of media content on the Internet. "Streamedian" is not engaged in the storage or publication of user files (content). The web site provides the tools for creating players (video players) and streaming via the proxy module. In this regard, "Streamedian" is not liable for the possible copyright infringement of third parties arising from the use of products for live streaming.

7. The use of domains in "Streamedian".

When buying a video player or proxy from "Streamedian", you bind it to a specific IP address or domain name. For example, if the name of your domain "" the video and proxy can only work for "".

In addition, a video and a "proxy" will work for each subdomain that has a relationship with "". For example video player will work on: "", "" or "".

8. The use of cookies.

Our website uses cookies and other similar technologies during your registration in the personal cabinet and on the website. If you read this message and remain on our site, then it means that you agree and consent to the use of these technologies.

9. Intellectual property

All content, program code player, brands, logos, drawings etc. presented on the Streamedian web page are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights which are expressly reserved by Streamedian or, as the case may be, by the persons or companies who created them or hold the rights. Violation of these rights will be prosecuted in accordance with current legislation. Therefore, it is forbidden to copy, market, alter, distribute or publicly communicate by any means or manners the entire contents of the Streamedian web page for any other purpose beyond the users’ legitimate need for information or hiring the services. In all cases, prior written permission by Streamedian will be necessary.

10. License information.

Upon the completion of purchase on the "Streamedian" website you are granted a non-exclusive personal license to use "Streamedian" software. You are prohibited from transferring, trading sub-licensing or exposing your license information to a third party. You are responsible for the security of your license information and undertake to protect it from unauthorized use or access. In the event of violation of this clause of the User Agreement, "Streamedian" reserves the right to terminate your license without refund.

11. Loyalty program information.

By subscribing to "Streamedian" newsletter you consent to receive transactional, commercial and marketing communications related to "Streamedian" products and services from us electronically. You understand and agree that "Streamedian" loyalty program discount coupons are non-transferable and you can only use them by yourself. You are prohibited from transferring, trading or exposing your discount coupons information to a third party. You agree that "Streamedian" can use the email address your provided for registration for forming of your personal coupon. "Streamedian" reserves the right to refuse to accept any discount coupon or to prohibit any user from using discount coupons.

12. The use of the "Streamedian" online live video streaming service.

You agree that to use the "Streamedian" online live video streaming service you will be using your own camera and your own account providing accurate and complete information. You agree that you're solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your account. It is prohibited to stream or disclose via the "Streamedian" service any material that is illegal, obscene, offensive to religious beliefs, racist, defamatory, detrimental to prestige, threatening, offensive to human dignity or otherwise objectionable. Otherwise it may be automatically banned from the "Streamedian" service based on the "Streamedian" service Provider’s own discretionary decision.

The content of the stream is the sole responsibility of the User that makes it available. "Streamedian" does not take any responsibility of the content that is published on its platform.

Any liability arising from, including but not restricted to, damages caused or allegedly caused by any failure to provide the agreed service, error, omission, interruption of service and or delay of transmission of service, loss of electronically stored information due to, theft, fire, destruction, or by means of unauthorized access to electronic information stored on "Streamedian"’s equipment or third party providers utilized by "Streamedian", shall be restricted to a maximum of the amount paid by the customer for the service provided by "Streamedian".

"Streamedian" rules out any liability for any material and non-material damages and breaches and other consequences caused by the User or otherwise occurred in connection with the User’s conduct.

According to your tariff plan "Streamedian" online live video streaming service may have performance limitations, such as a limited number of Authorized Channels, recording and play-back time limits, display watermarks, disabled features. Tariff plans conditions may be changed by "Streamedian" at any time and without any special notification. "Streamedian" reserves the right to refuse to provide its service to any user and "Streamedian" reserves the right to refuse to provide any tariff plan option to any user.

13. Limits of application.

You acknowledge and agree that none of the "Streamedian" software and online live video streaming services are sufficiently fault-tolerant for life-safety or health-safety operations, and none of them are designed, manufactured, or intended for use in or in conjunction with control equipment in hazardous environments, including but not limited to the monitoring or operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or critical communications systems, air traffic control, transportation control, or life support devices. You will not use any of the "Streamedian" software or services for any purpose that may cause harm in case of the software failure and any attempt to do so will be entirely at your own risk.

14. Compliance with the law.

You acknowledge and agree that you will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and obtain all permits, licenses and authorizations or certificates that may be required in connection with your activities involving the use of "Streamedian" software and online live video streaming services, including but not limited to laws governing the protection of personal information.

15. Analytics.

You acknowledge and agree that "Streamedian" has the rights to collect, store, analyze and use in any other way any information and data relating to the access, use, and/or performance of the "Streamedian" services, including data generated in connection with your and/or your end users' use of the "Streamedian" services (e.g., analytics data, statistics data and performance data).

16. "Streamedian" service access.

"Streamedian" software and online live video streaming services are all provided provided "as is" and as available. "Streamedian" can suspend or terminate your or your clients access to "Streamedian" service at any time, without advanced notice. This includes, but not limited to scheduled or emergency maintenance, any suspicion of illegal usage or any security concerns.