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Features and Advantages

Playing the RTSP stream in popular browsers using html5 technology without third-party plugins.
Access stream from ip camera or other RTSP sources from anywhere with mobile devices.
Modular extensible architecture to easy support a lot of formats.
Transfer RTSP streams over web-sockets

Browser support:
Firefox v.42+ Chrome v.23+ OSX Safari v.8+ Opera v.15+ IE Mobile v.11+ Android browser v.5.0+


Please use special test licence to make sure that our product works successfully
with your video stream source before purchasing a license.

License plans for one proxy license is assigned to a domain name or to an IP address.
That's enough to activate the license only for domain and theirs subdomains will be supported also.

This license enables supporting H265/H264 streaming in the websocket rtsp proxy since version 2.0.0
Validity Domain name
or IP*
The number of simultaneously
viewed streams through
a proxy server up to
Type Pricing
(VAT included)
unlimited 1 1 free free Try it!
unlimited 1 100 regular Buy
unlimited 1 unlimited regular Buy
This license enables supporting H264 streaming in the websocket rtsp proxy since version 1.8.3
Validity Domain name
or IP*
The number of simultaneously
viewed streams through
a proxy server up to
Type Pricing
(VAT included)
unlimited 1 2 free free Try it!
1 year 1 5 regular Buy
1 year 1 25 regular Buy
1 year 1 100 regular Buy
1 year 1 unlimited regular Buy
unlimited 1 5 regular Buy
unlimited 1 25 regular Buy
unlimited 1 100 regular Buy
unlimited 1 unlimited regular Buy
This license is supported since websocket rtsp proxy version 1.8.6
unlimited 1 unlimited multi docker Buy
* If you need to have one license file supporting several Domain names or IP addresses inside, please contact us.
It's case when behind the one shared IP address the several domain names are placed.


1) We have added the installer for Raspberry Ubuntu 18.04 x64.
It was tested for:
- Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3 (Cortex-A53)
2) We have also updated the installer for Raspbian.
It was tested for:
- Raspberry Pi Zero W Rev 1.1 (armv6l)
- Raspberry Pi 3B (armv7l)
1) since vesrion 2.0.0 the H265 stream is supported
2) to enable h265 stream supporting need to use special license
3) H265 decoding is processing on the user PC side
4) Performance in the chrome browser. CPU Amd Ryzen 5 3600.
H264 stream:
CPU load: 0.3%
Memory consumption: 4.5 - 5.5 MB

H265 stream:
CPU load: 6.0%
Memory consumption: 7.4 MB
FPS: 25 fps
The delay between the first frame receive and image rendering is 1 second.
1) Added H264 video recording from the player to mp4 file

version 1.8.6
1) Added the multi docker license
2) Added readl-time statistics
3) Fixed NALU data size
4) Fixed base content address parsing

1) Added license activation web API description to docs
2) Fixed error when fmtp attribute not found in SDP
3) Fixed session header parsing when the session attribute is passed with timeout attribute
4) Added activation application to downloads
5) Added docker image with websocket rtsp proxy
6) Added example of the code how to use the player in the Angular
7) Fixed video playback delay where web page is inactive in the chrome browser
8) Fixed payload type parsing when rtpmap is not specified
9) Added warning message when payload type is not supported
10) Fixed reconnection when losing connection with RTSP source

version 1.8.4
1) Added example of the code how to use the player in the React
2) ws/rtsp tunnelling: implementation of ws tunnelling from remote rtsp-ws client to ws proxy
3) Fixed request "options"
4) Fixed parsing error of incorrect used identification in sdp table
5) Added multi-slices aggregation which belong to one frame
6) Support wss connections

version 1.8.3
1) Added control command for validating domains
2) Added "bufferDuration" property to the player and to the test pages
3) Fixed playback issue on Firefox
4) Updated test pages for player
5) Supported new Activation Tool
6) Added installer for Raspbian 9.3

version 1.8.2
1) Supported ErrorHandlers in player
2) Supported bufferDuration property in player(user now can change bufferDuration length)
3) Seeking behaviour was changed (now when user click on unbuffered part of timeline the player is seeking either begin of buffer or the end)
4) fixed bug with cleaning of the buffer

version 1.8.1
1) Updated videos.js plugin (works with video.js ^7.2.0)
2) Updated plugin for Clappr

Questions & Answers

Yes. All what you need is to include javascript in your code and to initialize the player as soon as the script is loaded. It can be done in any CMS or framework.
In order to play a video stream from your IP camera it’s necessary to do the stream is available from global Network (Internet) for our test proxy server. If your IP camera is installed inside your subnet it’s necessary to configure your router for passing the stream from internal subnet to global Network. More detailed information how to add a link on your IP camera for player code you can find in the documentation.
Our Player is free and you can install it on any your websites. It’s necessary to get key on our website (in personal cabinet) for each domain name or IP address where will be used player or proxy. This key is used for communication between the player and the proxy. To enjoy all of this, you need to have a proxy configured on the specified domain name or ip-address. If you need to get more features from the ws proxy, then you can purchase an activation key to activate the extended license for the ws proxy server. This is available in the personal cabinet of the website.
Is a critical part of the website development process. It is highly You cannot use other sources as is. The player uses own protocol for interacting with proxy. It is necessary in order to most effectively to split data and control channels as well as to organize the timely delivery of data.
Proxy checks the address of the server from which the request came when establishes connections with the player. This avoids unnecessary strain from untrusted sources.
You need to choose the type of stream and to determine the data transfer protocol on the stage of initialization player. On the side of the proxy you have to install the corresponding protocol support module. More information you can find in the documentation.
The playback delay depends on several factors:
- the bandwidth of the internet channel
- the device performance where the player is run
- the server performance from which the stream is broadcasted
Under favorable conditions, the delay in playing back of the fullHD stream is around 1sec.
There are no restrictions. It depends on the performance of the hardware and communication channels.
No, it doesn't. The task of a proxy server is the splitting of input stream into data and control channels and delivery them to the client on selected network protocol. The player receives data and repacks it to mp4 format, which is supported by browsers, without decoding the streams themselves.